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Blast, Attack and Bullet-Resistant Windows

Blast, Attack and Bullet-Resistant Windows

Protect your house against intruders and other dangers – ISS can help you install doors and windows that are certified blast, attack, and ballistic safe.

Conventional windows and doors provide very little protection against force; replacing them with our blast and ballistic options provides a much higher level of security. All elements undergo rigorous testing to ensure the provide the correct amount of protection and security.

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We pride ourselves on...

Rigorous Testing

All products are tested to the highest international standards including BS EN1522/23 and BS EN1603 for European standard and UL 752 American for ballistic and EN 356 attack.

Bespoke Products

All products are bespoke-made per project and can be made to look exactly the same as the existing windows. We always aim to integrate into existing infrastructure to eliminate unnecessary building work.

Design flexibility

We aim to keep all products as subtle and minimally invasive as possible, whilst maintaining maximum safety. 

Versatile Applications

Suitable for residential, commercial and high-security settings with multiple design options dependent on location and threat

Maximum Protection

Each client will received a tailored package based on the needs of their location and the type of potential threat. This makes these products ideal for jewellery store installations.

Intruder Protection

Both attack and bullet-resistant glass would take an extremely high level of force before an intruder could get through, therefore offering protection to allow for emergency services to be contacted


Certified excellence in security

Industry Standard Adherence:
Meeting and exceeding security benchmarks.

Certified Compliant:

Assurance of the highest performance, backed by audits.

Attack-side Identification: Strategic design and placement to prevent external threats.

Trusted by the Government, Police & High Profile Individuals.

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