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Saferooms & Ballistic Doors

Safe spots in your everyday spaces.

Our Saferooms

At ISS, we transform spaces in properties - like the master bedroom - into safe and secure areas that you can retreat to. Whether it’s safeguarding against intruders or housing treasured possessions during long-term absences, our cutting-edge designs merge with quality architecture to create protection you can trust. The safe room entrances we install are designed to protect from and withstand prolonged physical force. Most attackers would tire after around 30 seconds. What’s more, the ballistic-resistant wall inserts situated on the door’s safe side, would protect you and your belongings, if the unsafe side is damaged. Furthermore, Residential Panic Rooms are popular options for embassies, apartments, villas and palaces.

In addition, our ballistic windows or attack windows take your security to the next level. From materials and location to internal communication and amenities, our team can recommend and advise on the best panic rooms and safe rooms in the UK.

We pride ourselves on...

Seamless security

Discreet defence design to look like a normal room ensuring your area remains conventional but safe.

Versatile application

Suitable for a range of spaces including residential, commercial and high-security settings.

Enhanced options

As well as the room itself, we offer added protection through ballistic doors and windows.

Streamlined installation

Our prefabricated rooms provide a quick and cost-effective solution for those who need action fast.

Customisation at its best

 Various materials and sizes, and bespoke made to order solutions, to suit preferences ensuring your room meets your security and style desires.

Guided by experts

Our team will advise on the best room for your needs using their decades of experience to optimise protection.


We design and supply materials in sections to facilitate assembly and installation on site. We produce CAD drawings and digital files for laser and water jet cutting of our ballistic armour materials to ensure accuracy before leaving our factory.

Tested & Certified

Blast Resilience:
Engineered to withstand a range of impact.

Unwavering ballistic defence:

Our products are protected against various ammunition and tested in ISO-Accredited test houses.

Wall shielding:
Enhanced safeguarding for external threats.

  • Material Options
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about your business like "Where do you ship to?", "What are your opening hours?", or "How can I book a service?".
  • Finishes
    Options include factory-applied paint, powder coat, prime paint, and decorative coatings.
  • Dimensions
    Our offerings range from as small as 100mm x 100mm to expansive dimensions of 2500mm x 6000mm.
  • Installation Flexibility
    With various fixing methods and options for direct application on existing or new walls.
  • Comprehensive Ratings
    Our products boast an impressive array of certifications, from BS EN standards to NIJ and UL752 ratings, covering various weaponry.
  • Weight Specifications
    Materials can weigh between 23kgs/m2 and 160kgs/m2, ensuring the right balance between protection and practicality.

Trusted by the Government, Police & High Profile Individuals.

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