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Security Guard in Uniform

Body Worn Cameras

Our Body Worn Cameras

Increasingly popular in the commercial and government sectors, body worn cameras are able to provide integral evidence recording to those on mobile duties.

Alongside our overt options for cameras, we also offer multiple covert options - contact us today to discuss these further.


Discover our options...

  • The cameras are small, light, convenient to carry, and can be worn on the shoulder. It is widely applicable to public security protection, city management, industry and commerce, etc.

  • Embedded with a high-sensitivity positioning module, able to pinpoint the position of events accurately. 

  • Tag your data for categorisation of future searches. 

  • A docking station for the cameras is then used to collect the data from the body worn cameras, making it easy to access the data from a larger network. Videos can also be uploaded via a wireless 4G network.


Trusted by the Government, Police & High Profile Individuals.

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