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Commercial Buildings

Facial Recognition (AI)

Our Facial Recognition Solutions

Integrate AI facial recognition systems into your CCTV systems, and utilise the latest in intelligent monitoring and advanced recognition technology.

Our latest and highest demanded service is our Facial Recognition Software with AI Video Analytic built in. We also offer Facial Recognition Glasses and Facial Recognition Barriers/Turnstiles. 

Read on to find out more!

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Discover our options...

  • Our latest and highest demanded service in this area is a Facial Recognition Software with built-in AI that can be uploaded to existing CCTV cameras and / or worked into your current access control system. It is listed in the top 5 NIST programmes, and can detect fights, weapons, missing persons, unattended objects, fly tipping and much more. The software can be personalised to your requirements, and is managed using one platform.


  • AI Facial Recognition Glasses – ideal for the commercial and festival industry. The glasses integrate offline face recognition technology, and are compatible with mainstream online intelligent recognition platforms and edge intelligent devices. Helping users to quickly and accurately identify and judge under varying conditions –whether that's personal screening (airport, train station, event security etc), identity verification (checkpoints, patrol, community security etc) or dispatch control (criminal investigation, police etc).

  • We also provide Facial Recognition Turnstiles/Barriers and access control, which can swiftly capture and recognise a face. The fast and easy installation allows it to be applicable even on a narrow turnstile, making it perfect for access control at buildings, factories, transportation hubs, and more.  

We pride ourselves on...

Versatile applications

We offer multiple product options and solutions for all kinds of scenarios


All facial recognition products are as simple as possible to set up and use to ensure limited interruption to normal business

Highest standards

Our AI software is listed in the top 5 NIST products for facial recognition and all research and development takes place in the UK

Easily Controlled

Our AI software is managed through one single-point platform for ease of use

Bespoke approach

Each solution is personalised to each of our customers to ensure that everything meets your exact requirements

Ongoing support

Our team will provide as much support as possible with all of our facial recognition products to ensure you get the most out of each solution


Trusted by the Government, Police & High Profile Individuals.

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