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Door Knob

Intelligent Locking Systems

Elevated security, sophisticated design. 

Our Intelligent Locking Systems

Upgrade from regular locks - keep your valuables extra secure with a state-of-the-art, reliable intelligent locking system. Here at ISS, we will work to specify, supply and install the right lock system for you.

The CliQ Remote is the fastest-growing technology in Cloud Hosted Smart Key Systems. It is a wireless system that works over the cloud, and the hardware does not require any heavy installation processes

We pride ourselves on...

Versatile applications

Suitable for residential,
commercial and high-security settings with multiple key options.


Simple to use, simple to program, and simple to install. You’ll get instant access and control to the system, with no cables needed

Design flexibility

Can be integrated into current and existing access control system with a smooth transition

Easily Controlled

Multiple software management options where administrators can view up-to-date information and audits on key users

Maximum security

Instant access control with a wire-free installation and access rights of any lost, stolen or unreturned key can be quickly and easily cancelled

Environmentally Friendly

Access can be given and amended remotely, meaning less travelling to collect and return keys and access can be timed


Certified excellence in security

Industry Standard Adherence:
Meeting and exceeding security benchmarks.

Certified Compliant:

Assurance of the highest performance, backed by audits.

Attack-side Identification: Strategic design and placement to prevent external threats.

Trusted by the Government, Police & High Profile Individuals.

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