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CCTV and Access Control

Round the clock watchful eyes

Our CCTV and Access Control Solutions

Here at ISS, we offer a number of different CCTV options, suitable for both commercial and residential uses, including rapid-deployment cameras and permanent fixed cameras, plus the added benefit of having AI video analytics.


High quality cameras are integral in the detection and prevention of crime. 

We offer personalised solutions based on our client's needs, whilst maintaining maximum safety and security.

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We pride ourselves on...

Versatile applications

Suitable for residential,
commercial and high-security settings with multiple options for camera style and quality

Monitoring Options

CCTV can be remotely monitored 24/7, by a control room. Access can also be gained through smartphones and / or an in-house computer monitoring system, whether that be through a fixed computer or a tablet-style device

Simple Installation

We use cameras that are easy to install and aim to cause as little disruption as possible when being fitted

Client Training

All clients having CCTV and access control systems fitted will be given full product training and demonstration by our project manager on site

Maximum security

All of the cameras we install are user-friendly and highly-capable. Our highest definition would be perfect for a casino or a bank

Enhanced Detection

We also offer installations of cameras with thermal imaging technology and AI video analytics, allowing for an enhanced level of detection 

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Certified excellence in security

Industry Standard Adherence:
Meeting and exceeding security benchmarks.

Certified Compliant:

Assurance of the highest performance, backed by audits.

Attack-side Identification: Strategic design and placement to prevent and deter external threats.

Trusted by the Government, Police & High Profile Individuals.

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