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Case Studies

Take a look at some of the work we've done...

Providing invaluable support to international footballers

Our client, MR R is a professional Footballer in his late 20s living in the Greater Manchester area and has a London apartment – he is an internationally capped player for a South American country so travels frequently and has family still in the region. He has a wife and kids in the UK and an extensive housekeeping and staff team.


Mr R has had various problems arise at his home address – these include, but are not limited to, fans looking to meet him, opposition fans with more ulterior motives, two attempted break ins at his home.


Mr R also has a huge number of online threats originating from social media via X/Twitter – these were related to his support of another controversial former footballer and because he unknowingly posed for a picture with a controversial right- wing figure. Mr R has also displayed some personal views related to religion and abortion that have also received some negative press and made him a target as result. Finally, Mr R was the target of attempted blackmail by a well-known criminal gang active in the Northeast area.


We used our technology to digitally ringfence the client’s homes and offices and pick up any events happening via the web. For example – we were able to advise Mr R right wing protestors were planning to picket his house following Mr R publicly distancing himself from the figure he was photographed with.


Mr R’s team were able to use this information to make sure Mr R was not at the residence that day and to rota extra security team members were in place and full perimeter checks carried out to prevent unauthorised access. Our technology also includes a silent SOS button that can be triggered in the event of an emergency and gives a location of the individual and scrambles a team in our operations centre to deal with the incident and contact the emergency services.


We were also able to geofence every venue for Mr R’s pre-season tour, international games away and at home and then all hotels globally, as well as providing country specific information around security threats and political unrest. This sort of information and alerting has also proved incredibly useful for ensuring the safety of his family members who remain in South America – especially in light of the recent spate of kidnappings of high profile footballer’s family members by organised crime gangs operating across South and Central America.


Mr R and his team also use our Social Media Monitoring to identify what were credible threats from amongst the noise of trolls sending threatening posts which sadly is a frequent occurrence.

Securing the home of an UHNW client in London

Keeping a home safe is a challenge on its own, especially when considering the expensive assets held within. Add the owner’s regular international travel into the mix and then the luxury home is truly exposed to break-ins and theft.


Not long ago, we finished works on this prime residency for a high net-worth client who recently bought and refurbished the property. Located to the West of London, the existing property was completely refurbished. Everything from windows, to doors, wirings and fit-out was completely stripped back to brickwork.


The new owner, an ultra-high net worth individual with several properties around the world, was looking for a home his family could stay in whilst they were in the UK. A main concern about the new home was the number of high profile break- ins the neighbouring properties had experienced.


Our signature residential security shutter range catered to the requirements for a security solution that could protect the property whilst it was unattended. The security shutters had to provide an unobtrusive security measure that could be seamlessly integrated into the properties interior design, this meant hidden boxes and guides, and integration into the home automation system.


When deployed, the security shutters were to provide a visual deterrent to any would-be intruders, and as a physical barrier to any that attempted to break in. We manufactured and installed 31 bespoke security shutters across different areas of the property.

This was a bespoke configuration of a security shutter which was installed to protect from any intruder looking to enter through the top of the ground floor conservatory.


Lastly, external shutters were installed in the conservatory. The boxes were hidden inside a timber soffit, & the guides concealed by timber cladding.

Protecting England's top footballers and their famous families

As Europe’s top footballers remain prime targets for burglars, investing in the highest standard of security is essential to keep homes and people safe.

Over the last 15 years, many top-level footballers have been the victim of burglary and this type of incident is rapidly increasing.  Anyone who plays at an elite level in Europe’s super-rich leagues is a target with at least 80 of Europe’s top footballers, including their managers, having their homes raided in the last 10 years.

Sadly, this is what happened to one of our clients who, as a premiership and international player with an equally high-profile family, came to us for advice on how to tighten up security in their home.  The couple were at home with their young child when masked men broke in and raided their house.  Thankfully, none of them were hurt during the burglary, and Intergrated Security Systems was called in to prevent an incident like this from happening again.

The couple’s home is spread over three floors with extensive outdoor space including a swimming pool. 

Following an initial assessment, the home security was upgraded considerably with phase one including the installation of attack and ballistic-proof windows and doors along with the creation of a safe room.  Thermal imaging security cameras to provide detection were also installed, including facial recognition technology, and intelligent locking keys that cannot be copied were also part of the solution.  The security cameras are monitored 24/7 and manned guarding dog patrols have been added to the couple’s close protection security. This first phase began within a week of the order being agreed.

Phase two of the security upgrade was to install special attack-proof glass in the swimming pool area.  This type of glass is made bespoke to order and requires 12 weeks to be manufactured as well as specialist cranes needed onsite to lift it into position. In addition, special grills and shutters have been designed and installed on the windows and doors to allow windows to be alarmed while still open in the evening for ventilation. 

Protecting high-profile clients

A delicate situation for a private high net worth individual’s residence where the threat level had increased. (Numerous stalkers)


An issue for many celebrities, famous athletes, household names and other high-profile individuals is ensuring their privacy and personal security.  Our experience in helping maintain privacy for high-net-worth individuals is extensive and our key services include helping people feel safe and ensuring their properties are secured to the highest possible standards.  

We were alerted to a situation by an extremely famous Hollywood Actress who had numerous stalkers and was becoming increasingly concerned about her safety at home.  We worked alongside her personal security consultant and directly with her family to create a specification that would meet high security standards and be installed sensitively to meet the decorative and aesthetic standards of their family home.   


One of the key security items we recommended and installed was CCTV with facial recognition technology to give the actress and her family advanced warning if there is someone unexpected at the front door.


The physical security installation included the rapid manufacture of security doors, steel gates and grills, high security locking, intruder alarms, panic alarms, High-definition CCTV with detection and ballistically rated products.


Within four weeks we had installed all the security and completed the job resulting in a much reassured and happy client.

Pro-active Security for International News

An urgent project to program where the threat level had increased. 

Following the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, we were called in by NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office), to support another news provider who was concerned it was a possible future target.

After a call from the operations and business manager of the International News Group we were asked to put together a technical specification and estimate for a combination of physical security and electronic including surveillance equipment.

Pulling a team together for these complex applications was easy for us as we have the contacts, know who to call and importantly understand who can act swiftly and efficiently when the situation is urgent.

Our recommended specification used intelligent locking (high security keys that can be controlled remotely and need regular verification), ballistic glazing, combi steel/glazed ballistic doors, timber ballistic doors, LPCB LPS 1175 steel doors, an entry system, an access control system that integrated with the high security keys, and high-definition CCTV with detectors and an intruder alarm. ALL had to be interfaced with each other to work as one system.

The project was installed in stages to allow for the vast amount of cabling to be put in first, followed by the security doors and then the hardware for the electronic control and detection equipment.   Programming and client training for the intelligent locking system was then undertaken.  The entire project was completed from start to finish within eight weeks.

The Tussauds Group

The Tussauds group required a mixture of overt and covert camera installations across their parks and attractions to reduce the amount of shrinkage due to staff within their retail units. ISS installed network based recording and transmission system for the overt cameras. The system uses a combination of analogue cameras, IP video servers and IP Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras. All cameras can be viewed live anywhere on their network, recorded footage can also be viewed and backed up.


The system enables the loss prevention team to view footage from retail units that have an apparent problem then download any relevant footage, which is then used as evidence. This process can be conducted anywhere on the Tussauds network enabling staff to remotely gather evidence. Since the installation of these systems the amount of shrinkage due to staff theft has dropped dramatically encouraging Tussauds to install further systems. We have also supplied Tussauds with covert equipment that has wireless transmission capabilities with digital recording and transmission.


All the equipment for up to 4 cameras is contained within a tough case this includes the digital recorder and viewing monitor. The cameras can be deployed at any location and either recorded at the cameras location or viewed remotely via wireless links or the network. These systems have proved to be a valuable tool and Tussauds continue to purchase more units.

Systems are installed at:

Thorpe Park
Alton Towers
Chessington World of Adventures
Warwick Castle
London Eye


Prodrive is a major motor sport company with a high profile image due to their involvement in rallying, touring cars, GT cars and Formula 1. Their premise is spread over several units making it hard to secure. There are high value items as well as confidential development work that require protection. ISS installed a 32-channel camera system with high speed domes and a site wide access control system.


The security system is managed from the security lodge where all the cameras are monitored and the access control system administered. The cameras can be triggered by external detectors to move to preset positions. The alarms are managed via the access control, which has I/O capability this giving control over when alarms are active as well as a visual and audible indication where required.


The system has now been installed over 6 years and still provides essential security enabling the security staff to control movement and monitor all the key areas. Due to the success of the initial installation ISS were asked to provide the security for a site that was acquired in Warwickshire. ISS provided an access control system to control over 30 doors. The system was compatible with the existing system to enable future integration and the use of existing cards. ISS will shortly be upgrading the CCTV at both locations to bring the systems in line with current technology.

City of London Police

We were awarded the contract for Bishopsgate, Snow Hill and Wood Street custody suite camera systems. A bespoke solution was required and with the assistance of the digital recorder manufacturer a system was developed. The system provided real time recording with lip synched audio at the booking in area. This facility was also provided in the vulnerable prisoner cells and the testing area for drink driving offences. The corridors were monitored and recorded.


Recording in these areas was at 3fps until movement was detected whereupon the recording rate increased to 6fps. The system was networked to enable police officers to access the system remotely. A rugby clock allowed the system to have the exact timestamp on the recorded images. 

Clacket Lane Services

As a result of rising vehicle crime within the lorry and car parks on both A & B sites of Clacket service station, Surrey Police working in partnership with the Government office for the South East (GOSE) and Tandridge District Council met with the Service Station managers. From this meeting it was decided that the installation of CCTV to cover all parking areas would not only deter crime but also assist in the prosecution of offenders.


A number of Security companies were invited to tender. The requirements were that the system had to record digitally the images from the cameras, be flexible, conform to PSDB guidelines and be future proof. ISS Digital was awarded the contract on their precise and cost effective solution.


The system was installed with the minimum of disruption to the site users. Local Police staff was trained to view and retrieve recorded data onto media that complied with the Rules of Evidence. The system comprised of several high speed domes placed in the Car and Lorry Park areas with static cameras positioned for number plate recognition. At the heart of the system is a high quality powerful digital recorder with sophisticated number plate recognition. For precise control of the high speed domes a proportional keyboard is fitted.


The digital recorder allows the user to select individual recording speeds for each camera if required and is equipped with exceptional playback and download facilities. The recorder is fully compliant with prevailing PSDB and ACPO legislation and watermarks and authenticates every image it records. Recordings are made using ultra high resolution (4CIF) ensuring that the recorded images are of a high quality. Images needing to be saved for evidential purposes can be downloaded to a DVD, CD or any portable media and be replayed on any standard PC.


The number plate recognition feature built into the recorder allows the Police to be notified if any individual plate arrives on site. The system constantly monitors the camera images for number plates and once found saves the plate  characters. The date, time and location of the plate are recorded. Whenever a plate is recognised it is checked against a database and will alert the user if any vehicle enters site with a number that is of interest. The combination of DVR and ANPR also means the user simply by clicking on a single image of a captured plate can jump immediately to the playback


ISS were approached by C2C to assist in the design of security measures, which would enable a selection of problematic car parks to be awarded secure parking status. ISS worked closely with both C2C and the British Transport Police to provide a solution, which met the criteria for the award. Further to the submission of the design ISS was awarded the contract to install security systems at four car park locations. The installations at the car park locations required security fencing, speed retarding ramps, GSM help points and CCTV. I


SS had responsibility for the complete installation, which included all electrical and civil works. The systems comprise of both static and high speed dome cameras. All cameras fitted were day night equipped enabling high resolution colour images during the day reverting to mono for greater sensitivity at night. The dome cameras are integrated with external passive infrared detectors so that movement in the detection area triggers the camera to a preset position, which covers the detection area. This enables the cameras when unmanned to view areas, which have activity.


All cameras are connected to a high resolution digital recorder, which is housed in a purposed made cabinet located within the car parks. The cabinet also houses all the power supplies for the cameras and detectors and a broadband telephone line. The digital recorder can be interrogated locally or using the broadband line connected to a central station for remote monitoring. The help points used in the car parks have GSM devices connected this enables the help points to dial out using selected numbers to a central point.


Using GSM has negated the need for telephone lines to be installed at each help point position. Where identified 2.4m and 2.0m palisade fencing was installed to close potential areas of entry. This means only valid means of entry can be used and hence monitored by the CCTV. Speed retarding ramps were also installed to control the speed of vehicles using the car parks. Using the ramps to slow the vehicles down also assists the CCTV system in getting information on the vehicles and occupants. The project was handed over on time and after inspection all four car parks were awarded secure parking status. 

The above are a small selection of installations carried out by ISS. We currently have installations in the sectors listed below.

Education (Schools and colleges)
Banking (Private Banks)
Retail (Shopping Centres and retail outlets)
Leisure (Leisure centres, theme Parks and attractions)
Transport (Railways and buses)
Government (Police and Corporation of London)

Trusted by the Government, Police & High Profile Individuals.

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